Bespoke, Personal Filmmaking


Films in Transit was founded in 2015 by Greek-born and now Bristol-based filmmaker Melissanthi Zanga. The focus is creating bespoke, personal and artistic films for events and weddings and businesses. We also specialise in documentary filmmaking and audio-visual experiences. Films in Transit is all about adopting asubtle approach to filmmaking and becoming immersed in the subject matter. The aim is always to deliver an aesthetic portrait of the atmosphere of a place and of its people.



Rumpf. Prom Prom Club. June 2017. Jam Jar, Bristol

Rumpf. Feb 2016. Sheer Kahrnage. Bristol


The Shack. Brainchild Festival 2017. 

In 2017, three designers and engineers built a wonderfully present yet almost transparent structure out of wire mesh to host the famous Shack Stage The Trinity Center is a multicultural hub and platform for the arts in Bristol.

Image (4).jpg


Nozstock 2016 By Day.

Nozstock Festival 2016. Orchard Stage



Melissa really captured the essence of our summer wedding. It was a beautiful July day with lots of international guests and she reflected the joy of the occasion. We were amazed at how she managed to unobtrusively record the whole day and we thought that her editing was superb. We didn’t really know what to expect when she delivered the video but the end result took our breath away!
— Julie and Bob, July 4th 2015
Please feel free to contact me to discuss how to tailor your wedding film to your exact needs.





Eat My Camera (2017) Music video and collage documentary on the refugee diaspora. Recycling and contrasting images to the music of Dizraeli

Soul Food (2016)  A documentary short looking at a day in the life of Soul Food Kitchen. An independent collective of volunteers from all over the world committed to cooking two meals a day for the homeless refugee population in Thessaloniki, Greece. Filmed in Nov 2016


On going projects


Cyprus is a Village

Two women walk the circumference of Cyprus. They experience the landscape, the cultures and the politics of a divided island, half under Turkish occupation since 1974. Its vertical border stands as the last gateway between Europe and the Middle East.

Body and space- experimental documentary

This is an independent project for Films in Transit. It is a collage created out of various video elements. Structured like an experiment, it aims to investigate the concepts of "Body" and "Space", attempting to explore, define and correlate them.


Photography primarily take with a Canon AE1 35mm camera.